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Shooting Classes

Shooting Class

Cost-Effective Shooting Classes and Private Lessons

Hone your shooting skills in the affordable shooting classes and private lessons offered at Chris Indoor Range & Gun Shop. You’ll be able to draw from our knowledgeable staff’s collective 45 years of experience in handling firearms. Our owner, Chris Dogolo, has 30 years of experience as a certified pistol instructor. Improve your skill, comfort, and accuracy today.

All of our shooting classes and private lessons are personalized to your abilities. Our shooting classes and lessons can be geared for beginners. Due to high demand, we offer classes almost every Saturday. Call at 203-453-1570 for current schedule or reservations.
Shooting Classes and Private Lessons

Our Shooting Classes

  • Shooting lessons
  • Gun rentals
  • Ammunition
  • Target
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Range time

Format of Our Shooting Classes

Private lessons are available for up to two persons and last about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Appointments are required to be set in advance.
All shooters at Chris Indoor Range & Gun Shop must have a pistol permit or an NRA safety certificate (or an equivalent).
We’re family-oriented. Spouses and children are always welcome. No one will feel intimidated in our friendly environment.

Call us at 
to schedule an appointment for a shooting class or a private lesson.

We pride ourselves on having a good supply of ammunition and holsters for handguns. Cleaning services are available as well. We're NRA certified.

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